You are currently viewing Episode 23. Faces of War – Taras Tymo

Episode 23. Faces of War – Taras Tymo

It’s now day 149 of Russia’s War against Ukraine. War affects millions of lives of common people in, but also outside Ukraine. In the first place the young men and women who are fighting at the front of freedom. Overnight their common lives changed from peaceful living men and women doing his or her daily work, being brother or sister, mum or dad. Then they became actor in a ‘Apocalypse Now’ fighting for the freedom of their Ukrainian nation. Giving their life, getting wounded, or acting in heroic ways. War also affects the Ukrainian society. Grandparents and grandchildren, and all in between, have do endure losses of their loved ones. But they also support their army in unique and creative ways. Like this girl playing flute raising money for the army.

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