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Plast, youth and the future of Ukraine – Myron Spolsky

According to the High Commissioner for Human Rights 356 children are killed and 595 are injured since the Russian war on Ukraine started on Februari 24. We hardly paid any attention to the price children have to pay in this war. It’s high time we make this right starting with this episode. Children and young boys and girls are not only victims of the war but are also actively supporting the military and helping their country to survive and win. The Ukrainian scouting organization Plast plays, since its foundation, 110 years ago, an unique role in the education of young boys and girls. Plast is today also active in all kinds of solidarity: “We have been fighting for 110 years, so we will win.” You will find Plast not only in Ukraine but also in the Ukrainian diaspora. Numerous girls and boys learned in the scouting practice of Plast what is means to be Ukrainian.

We talk about the situation of children and young ones in the war today, about Plast and about the diaspora with Myron Spolsky. Myron Spolsky is CEO of the World Plast Executive. He was born in Toronto and has been a member of Plast for 60 years. In 1977-1978 he was a vice-president of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress; in 1980-1986 he headed the Commission of Development of the Ukrainian Community in Winnipeg; and in 1986-1987 he was a director of the Department of the Multiculturalism of the provincial government of Manitoba. In 1988 he moved to Ukraine, where he established one of the first pizzerias in Ukraine, Vesuvio Pizza. Mr. Spolsky has been a member of Plast Ukraine’s board of trustees and for the last three years was a member of the World Plast Executive.

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