You are currently viewing Ten Books You Should Read – Orysya Bila, Ruud Meij

Ten Books You Should Read – Orysya Bila, Ruud Meij

After the war started we did what philosophers should do: try to make sense of the war. Try to find a logic in this event that defies common sense. Because there is something incomprehensible in the unprovoked aggression of Russian and the Russians against Ukraine and the Ukrainians. What we are trying to do do is laying a puzzle with unknown borders. But where do you find bits and pieces? For philosophers the answer is quite simple: books. So we started a proces of relentless reading. Almost without a plan, by association. Are we finished? Not at all! However some books impressed us more than others. Some authors came with revealing concepts and ideas. Tonight we want to share with you ten books which struck us a original and important. Some of them you might know. Others will be quite new for you. But they are definitely ten books you should read.

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