You are currently viewing Thursday evening: Art, Memory, War. A View from Odesa – Oksana Dovgopolova

Thursday evening: Art, Memory, War. A View from Odesa – Oksana Dovgopolova

Date: Thursday, June 9.
Time: 19:30-20:30 (20:30-21:30 UAT).
YouTube Live: watch the conversation here.

Visual Arts have always been a powerful medium in which war meets the eye. We only have to think of Los Disastres de la Guerra of Francisco Goya sketching the cruelties during the Peninsular War, which began in 1808. Or what to say of Picasso’s memorizalisation of the terror bombing of Guernica in 1937. The visual arts create a site de memoir of war. Is helps to shape identities. The visual arts are also aesthetic means of coming to terms with the trauma’s and atrocities of war.

In this episode of Don’t give up Ukraine! we discuss with Oksana Dovgopolova form Odesa how art is influenced by the war in Ukraine and what the role of art is in living through the experience of war. We will also discuss how art becomes a means for rethinking (re-writing) one’s own identity, what role art played in the common imperial past of Ukraine and Russia and what changes it undergoes today, in a situation of the war.

Dr. Oksana Dovgopolova is a professor of philosophy at the Odesa I. Mechnikov National University and curator of the platform for memory culture “Past/Future/Art”.  She is member of the Memory Studies Association, the Post-Socialist and Comparative Memory Studies Association, and the International Association for the Humanities. Oksana Dovgopolova is author of the book Other, Alien, Rejected as the Elements of Social Space («Другое, Чужое, Отторгаемое как элементы социального пространства») (Odessa, 2007).

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