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Women and (the) war – Oksana Kis & Sylvia Borren

In the seventh week of the war this is already our seventh conversation. This leaves us with mixed feelings. On the one hand we are proud and honoured by all who are willing to contribute to Don’t give up Ukraine. They are the building blocks of a community of inquiry on the past, present and future of Ukraine and Europe, hit by this terrible war by Russia. On the other hand it fills us with sadness, grief and anger that the atrocities continue. This week’s images of Bucha shocked us all once more.

We are honoured that Oksana Kis and Sylvia Borren are willing to join our conversation next Thursday. They will share their knowledge, experience and ideas on ‘Women and (the) war’. Women are not only often victims of war. They also show admirable resilience and are vital for taking care of society during the war, as much as for rebuilding it after the war. We will discuss form different perspectives what we can learn form histories on ‘women and war’ and what women contribute to the current war in and the future of Ukraine.

Oksana Kis is a historian and feminist anthropologist. She is senior research fellow of the Institute of Ethnology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Lviv), visiting professor at the Ukraine Catholic University and president of the Ukrainian Association for Research in Women’s History. In 2020 she published Survival as Victory. Ukrainian Women in the Gulag. Sylvia Borren is former director of Oxfam Novib Netherlands and Greenpeace Netherlands. She is civil society organizer with an impressive international track record on women’s rights en gay and lesbian rights. She studied pedagogy and comparative religion. As usual the conversation will be moderated by Ruud Meij, together with Orysya Bila, head of the Department of Philosophy of the Greek Catholic University.

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